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The Triangle Education Foundation adopted the Chapter Endowment Fund Program to help address individual chapter needs.  The program is designed to provide additional funding to a chapter each year to support educational, leadership and academic programs that advance the mission of Triangle and the Foundation in building better men in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Science.  This exciting program provides opportunities to fund the educational purposes of Triangle chapters and the educational and leadership needs of its undergraduate brothers.

Existing Chapter Endowment Funds

  • Armour - Chuck Elliot Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Armour - Ness Adrienne Cooper Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Cal Poly Pomona Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Charlotte Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Clemson Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Colorado State Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Melissa & John Gargani Endowment (Pittsburgh)
  • Illinois Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Iowa State Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Kansas - Robert & Barbara Kleist KU Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Kansas State Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Kentucky Chapter Endowment Fund (Not fully funded)
  • Louisville Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Marquette Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Michigan State - Kapadia Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Michigan Tech Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Minnesota Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Missouri Mines Chapter Endowment Fund
  • MSOE Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Nebraska Chapter Endowment Fund (Not fully funded)
  • Ohio State Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Oklahoma Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Penn State - Chuck Bowman Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Penn State Behrend Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Pitt Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Purdue - Class of 1953 Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Purdue - Purdue Triangle Grand Prix Charitable Fund
  • Rose Chapter Endowment Fund
  • South Dakota Mines Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Toledo Chapter Endowment Fund
  • University of Michigan Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Utah Chapter Endowment Fund
  • VCU Chapter Endowment Fund (Not fully funded)
  • VPI Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Washington Chapter Endowment Fund
  • Wisconsin Chapter Endowment Fund
If you don't see your chapter on the list above, please contact the Foundation's President, Scott Bova at to find out how you can get one started.

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General Guidelines

Applications are due in the National Headquarters by PRIOR to any usage and at least 30 days prior to any event or activity the funds will used for.  The last day in the school year to submit an application is May 30 & request for reimbursement must be submitted by June 15.

Grant funds may be used for but not limited to:

  • Chapter computer equipment & software.
  • COVID-19 related supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Updates to Designated Educational Spaces (rooms used EXCLUSIVELY for educational activities) of the chapter house, such as new carpeting, lighting, paint, etc.
  • Internet, Ethernet and Wi-Fi service to facilitate academic pursuits of the chapter members.
  • Books, texts and other resource materials to be maintained in the chapter library/study room on topics related to academic success, leadership, men’s health & wellness, etc.
  • Computers, printers, 3D printers and equipment used in a Workers Space for the advancement of academic pursuits.  
  • Sponsorship of philanthropic efforts - funds must be given directly to qualified charity.
  • Furniture for and used in a study room or library
  • Leadership development programs such as UIFI, LeaderShape, etc.
  • Funding for Leadership Advantage
  • Scholarships - can be external based such as FIRST Robotics or internal based on academic performance.
  • Sponsorship and work with FIRST Robotics - can be sponsorship of local team, hosting leadership event for FIRST students or sponsorship of a FIRST Competition
  • Customized leadership programs for the chapter such as a high ropes course, etiquette presentation, mental health workshop or other accredited speaker/program.
  • Attendance at Triangle leadership events such as Scobie Leadership School or the Steven L. Miller President’s Academy.
  • Attendance at other accredited leadership development program as approved by the Foundation.
  • Sponsorship of leadership or educational events/speakers/programs open to entire university community such as hazing, mental health, leadership or professional workshops on the engineering profession.
  • An application to be considered complete must include all required attachments. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Grants will only be made for programs scheduled for the CURRENT school year.

Per IRS regulations, the Triangle National Convention is NOT a fundable program from a CEF.

Grant Agreement

Upon receipt of a Foundation grant the chapter agrees to the following terms.  Failure to comply may result in return of entire grant or inability to receive future grants from the Foundation:

  • Submit a final income/expense statement for the program no later than 30 days after the completion of the program. 

  • Return any unused portion of the grant to the Foundation no later than 30 days after the completion of the program. 

  • Grant funds will only be used for those expenses submitted in the grant application.

  • If for whatever reason the program does not occur, all grant dollars must be returned within 30 days of the scheduled completion of the program.

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This is the person who is responsible for this grant. Legally they are representing the chapter to the Foundation and will be held responsible to the Foundation and the IRS for proper spending per this grant agreement they sign.

This MUST be the personal email address and not a generic office email address. This matches with the membership database and failure to use the correct email address will impact communications on approval of the grant.

Address for the chapter
Chapter Leadership
Name Email Phone
Chapter President
Chapter VP
Chapter Treasurer
Alumni President
Chapter Advisor

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Program Information

ONLY PDF Files please.

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Financial Details

ONLY PDF Files please.

Grant Agreement

By submitting this application the Chapter acknowledges that, upon approval of the Triangle Education Foundation, is an executed grant agreement.  Accordingly, in consideration of receipt of the Grant and to induce the Foundation to make the Grant, the Chapter agrees as follows:


  • It is understood that said Grant will be used exclusively for the educational purposes outlined in the attached proposal during the current academic year.

  • The Chapter agrees to provide receipts and a detailed income/expense statement for stated purposes no later than 30 days from the completion of the program.  Any Grant moneys unused at the conclusion of the program will be returned to the Foundation.

  • The Chapter agrees to return the full amount of the Grant upon demand, in the event that it is determined that the use of the Grant is no longer in strict compliance with the attached proposal and the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.

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