FUNDING REQUEST (1 stage - Social Investment)

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You have passed the eligibility test and can now start a Social Investment application.  

You do not have to complete the full application form right now.  You can click on 'Save my progress and resume later' at the top or bottom of each page at any time.  This will save all the information you have entered up to this point and allow you to log back in and continue at a later date by retrieving the log in page you have bookmarked.

After you submit your application, you will receive a copy of it by email.

By clicking 'Next Page' you are confirming that you have the authority to submit an application to the  Esmée Fairbairn Foundation on behalf of your organisation and that all details provided are correct to the best of your knowledge.
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A brief description of the work of the organisation (limited to 100 characters)
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Please enter details for your organisation's primary contact for this application

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Primary geographical area
Geographical areas
Please select from the fields below the primary area that will benefit from the work proposed.  (Note: you should only go down to the level relevant to your work so if you work on a national level you should select the relevant country and leave the rest blank but if you work at local authority level, you should fill in all four fields).  If you benefit more than one area, you can select 'Add other geographical area' to enter up to 2 additional areas.

Other geographical area

Other geographical area

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On this page you are asked to attach your proposal document, which should provide answers to the following four points on no more than two pages of A4:

1. A brief description of your organisation and its relevant track record:  In simple terms, describe what you do and demonstrate your track record (including impact and successful partnerships). We want to see the expertise and experience within the organisation and some information (but not a lot) on the need for the work. It’s important that you tell us what makes you different. If you’re a relatively young organisation, please provide a track record of the key people involved, what have they achieved, their impact and influence.  
Please use no more than 400 words for this question.

2. What are you looking to raise social investment for?   
Please use no more than 400 words for this question.

3. What social impact would you hope our investment helps to achieve and who will benefit?  Please explain how the work fits with Esmee's funding priorities.  
Please use no more than 400 words for this section.

4. If you have an idea of the investment terms you may be looking for please outline these including the structure of the investment, duration of the investment and level of return (interest rate or % IRR). 
Please use no more than 150 words for this question.

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Please attach the following documents:

You can upload other documents to support your application but only if they are essential.  Please note that only one file can be selected for each upload: