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The Spark Jump Kawa of Care terms below are an agreement between you, your family and our Spark Jump Partner to ensure you understand your responsibilities in relation to Spark Jump.



  • Skinny Customer Terms, Skinny Service Terms and Skinny Broadband Terms and Conditions apply. These terms can be found www.skinny.co.nz/skinny-terms.
  • Customers are to contact the Skinny Support Team on 0800 475 4669 (4SKINNY) if they have any enquiries about their modem, their set-up of JUMP or Skinny account. 
  • The Spark Jump Offer (the “Offer”) is only available to selected families.
  • Our Spark Jump Partner has identified you are eligible for the Offer based on information you and/or your child have provided. If for some reason you no longer qualify for the Offer, Spark may reassess your eligibility for it.
  • You agree that Spark may share your personal information with our Spark Jump Partner to enable them, and Spark, to contact you and provide Spark Jump services and support to you.
  • The Offer is intended to support education and learning within your home.
  • If we notice the internet connection is not used for an extended period of time we will make contact with you, either directly or through our Spark Jump Partner, to offer technical help. If the internet connection remains unused we may ask for the modem to be returned to our Spark Jump Partner.


  • You will be provided with a Skinny Broadband Modem to connect to Spark Jump on long-term loan for as long as you are using the service.
  • The Skinny Broadband Modem remains the property of the Spark Foundation and you must return it (including all the parts and information provided) to our Spark Jump Partner on our reasonable request. 
  • You may not sell, lease, dispose of, lend or otherwise part with possession of, or modify the Skinny Broadband Modem in any way.
  • The Skinny Broadband Modem contains a SIM card. You may not use this SIM card in any other device. The SIM card remains the property of the Spark Foundation and must be returned with the Skinny Broadband Modem on request.
  • You can only use your modem to receive the Spark Jump service at the location you entered into this Kawa of Care. If you move to a new house, let your community partner know and they can update your record so that your modem works at your new address. You will also need to update your address in your Skinny account. If your modem is used in an address that’s different from what’s on record, it may be blocked and no longer work.

Broadband Data

  • 30GB of broadband data is preloaded onto your Skinny account to use for the first 30 days.
  • After you have used the initial 30GB it is your responsibility to top-up your Skinny account in order to continue to use the Spark Jump service.
  • Broadband data for the Offer can be purchased in 30GB data blocks at $10 each.
  • Any unused data expires after 30 days and does not rollover.
  • We measure your data usage in 24 hour periods, by measuring a minimum 256KB block from first use and then per KB of usage after until the end of 24 hours. Each new 24 hours will reset with a minimum 256KB block from first use.
  • We strongly recommend you use the broadband data usage meter to monitor your broadband data use. You can access the broadband data usage meter when you login to your Skinny account at skinny.co.nz.

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