KMS Admissions Application

Welcome to the application form for Killington Mountain School Admissions Application. On the next pages, you'll enter or update your student/athlete contact information, enter parent guardian contact information, complete the application and submit for payment for application fee.

Application Steps:
  1. Enter Student/Athlete Contact Information
  2. Enter Parent/Guardian Contact Information
  3. Complete Application, please gather the required Information for application:
    • Description of any special academic services required
    • Description of academic achievements
    • Current school and address
    • Current school councilor and phone and email
    • Athletic information including USSA number, current club and coach
    • Description of athletic accomplishments
    • Recent photograph to upload
    • Student essays to upload (click here for question choices)
    • Most recent student transcripts to upload
    • A recommendation letter from a teacher and from a coach to upload
    • A link to YouTube video showing recent athletic competition
  4. Submit Application and Pay $50 Application Fee 
Student/Athlete Information