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36 Hours Introduction

36 Hours is an amazing opportunity to become a buildOn Student Ambassador and host a buildOn partner as they visit your school and community, and serve alongside you. buildOn partners are business and community leaders who have invested in the buildOn program at your school. Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to highlight the incredible ways you are improving your school and community. You will have the opportunity to share about yourself, what you want for your future, and how you and buildOn are working together to get there. You will also make a personal professional contact for the future.

Personal Information

36 Hours Program Obligations

For the next 4 questions, please respond with at least 3 sentences.

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Parental Permission to Participate in the buildOn 36 HOURS PROGRAM

Dear buildOn student and Family:


CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as a buildOn Student Ambassador for the 36 Hours Experience at you school! The buildOn 36 Hour Program is an opportunity for students to interact with buildOn partners to help build cross cultural understanding and provide service to your community. Additionally, this program is a chance for you to build professional connections for your future as meet and interact with corporate and community leaders. By participating, we hope you will gain the opportunity to distinguish yourself as a leader in the buildOn movement.


Please read the permission, release and disclaimer statements below. Please reach out to your buildOn Program Coordinator with any questions. If you agree to the terms set forth below, please sign your name and fill out the information where indicated below.


Upon signing this acceptance letter, your student will be contacted by a Partnership Coordinator with more information!


·       I give permission for my child/ward to participate in the project described above and all related activities. Including allowing my child to miss up to one day of school.

·       I give permission for my child/ward to interact with their mentor (buildOn donor) outside of the supervision of buildOn staff. All mentors have received a background check via buildOn before engaging in the 36 Hours Program.

·       I authorize buildOn, Inc. to use written or oral quotations, photographed, filmed, taped or electronically recorded images of my child/ward by any media, platform or format, without restriction in connection with my child/ward’s participation in buildOn’s programs and projects.

·       In case of emergency, I give permission to buildOn to enlist the help of medical professionals. I understand buildOn will try to reach me. If I cannot be reached, I give permission to the medical personnel selected by buildOn to hospitalize and secure proper treatment (e.g. order injections, anesthesia or surgery) for my child/ward.


Release: I hereby release and hold harmless buildOn, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, advisors, successors and assigns and the State Board of Education and its members, officers, employees and agents from any and all claims, causes of action, liabilities, costs, expenses, or damages of any kind whatsoever, as a result of, or in connection with the project and related activities.


Disclaimer: I understand and agree (1) that buildOn is not responsible for the personal property of participants, and (2) buildOn staff are not certified or trained to give medical treatment. 


I, _____________________________  Date:____________, accept the offer to be part of buildOn’s  cohort of students participating in the 36 Hours Program.