Pathways to Law Plus Application Form 2020-2021

Thank you for your interest in our Pathways Plus programme! Pathways Plus is an exciting programme for first-year students who are passionate about starting a career in the law.  

Before you apply for the programme, please read the information below.

Data protection

The Sutton Trust takes the protection of your data very seriously. The information you provide on this application form will be stored by the Sutton Trust and used for processing your application and to evaluate the programme‚Äôs success. It will also be shared with the university that you have applied to so that they can deliver the programme. To find out more about what this means, what we do with your data, how we store it and your rights, please click here


To be eligible for Pathways to Law Plus you must

  • Be a first-year undergraduate student at a UK university
  • Have always attended state-funded, non fee-paying schools
You do not need to be studying Law to apply for Pathways Plus, but you will need to show in your application (and interview, if you are shortlisted), that you have a genuine interest in pursuing a career in law.

Please confirm below that you meet these criteria. If you do not, then unfortunately you are not eligible for the programme. We will conduct spot-checks on the accuracy of information provided below. Any false declarations will result in immediate removal from the programme.

We also take into account the following eligibility criteria when considering your application. The more of these criteria you meet, the more likely you are to be accepted on to the programme:
  • Whether you are part of the first generation of your family to attend university
  • Whether you were eligible for Free School Meals during secondary school
  • Whether you attended a school or college with low levels of achievement and/or high levels of students receiving Free School Meals
  • Whether your home postcode at 14 was in an area of low progression to higher education/high levels of deprivation
  • Whether you achieved at least A A B at A-Level (or equivalent qualifications)