Save A Warrior (SAW) Application

Once you complete this online application a representative of SAW will call, text, or email you in order to schedule a one hour phone call.  We call it the "Rostering Call" in order to determine if you are a candidate to attend.

If you are determined to be a candidate for SAW [and] you decide you want to attend, we will schedule you for your Cohort during the same phone call.  Have your calendar ready.

The person that calls you is either former Military, a former First Responder, or both... and best of all - has attended SAW and proud to be part of the SAW Community.  You will NOT receive a call from a call center processing applications.  We take care of our own.

IMPORTANT:   If by the end of your Rostering Call you are scheduled for your Cohort, it is important to do everything you can to attend on the date you choose.  Changing a date later does not guarantee you will be able to attend the very next week or even the next month or two.  Seats fill up quickly here at SAW.

The next few minutes are important and required.  Please take your time.

"Dry Wood"

For everyone’s safety, and for our liability, Save A Warrior is a 24/7 alcohol/drug-free event.  Think DRY WOOD.  This means we require a period of sobriety beforehand so that you are showing up to “SAW” with dry wood.  Dry wood “burns”.  Soaking wet wood… smolders and does not get the job done.

If you feel you cannot safely honor this request, we have outside detox and recovery resources to whom we will refer you.

If you are currently addicted to prescription or nonprescription drugs, or narcotics… we fully support your need for detox and recovery; however, NOT during your time with us at SAW, and we respectfully ask that you be willing to share this with us at the earliest possible opportunity.  You will be neither judged, nor criticized… only supported.  Being 'stuck' on a substance is not a disqualifier to be accepted as a candidate for SAW.  It will, however, delay the process.

These requests come from the shared pain of lessons learned.  This is also about managing expectations.  SAW is NOT part of the ‘Veterans Charity Adventure Tour’ to escape your life for a week; to get friends and family off of your back.  SAW is deadly serious and we are committed to our mission to serve those seeking to get well.  Please be certain that you are ready to “sit in the seat” and get to work.  This is your life, this is our lives, and this is only intended for those willing to take the leap and walk in faith and do the footwork necessary to heal.


Since 2012, Save A Warrior ™ (SAW) has respected the privacy of all who have applied and attended.  We take your privacy (and ours) seriously, and we never sell any part of your personal information for any reason.

Personal Information

Please do not abbreviate or leave out any part of your legal name.

Why?  Over the years, we have had applicants with the same name.  Electronically, we want to make sure we are doing our best to manage data for accuracy.  This helps us remain efficient and more skillfully serve those seeking to attend SAW.

We sincerely appreciate your attention to detail and accuracy regarding EVERY QUESTION in this application.

IMPORTANT:  College, Government, and Corporate (business) email addresses DO NOT work well due to organizational security settings.  This must be your email address and NOT that of a spouse, friend, family member, or co-worker.

Please provide an email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, etc... one that you will keep for years to come.  If you provide a email address, please know that hotmail email accounts often send our emails to the junk/spam folder.  We have no idea why.

We DO NOT sell personal information.  We will, however, use this email address, OFTEN, to provide timely information related to SAW and your application, registration, SAW Community information, and your SAW survey.

We prefer a Cellular (Mobile) Phone Number.  We often send text messages to communicate and we will call you from time to time as well.  This is the phone number we will use to contact you to discuss your application to attend Save A Warrior (SAW).  We will NOT sell or add your cell phone number to any marketing lists.  We simply use your number to contact you for SAW business.

If you do not have a cell phone, please use the best phone number where we can reach you.

SAW will not be mailing you junk.  We analyze data on where SAW applicants and Alumni are from.  It helps us make smart business decisions to better assist you and continue to provide support to the Alumni (SAW Community).

We have also used this information to mail things back to Warriors who accidentally leave personal belongings behind after having attended SAW (e.g. cell phones, books, sun glasses, clothing, etc...)

EXAMPLE: 1880 N Academy Road


Please check spelling for accuracy.

Did you hear about Save A Warrior (SAW) from someone who has already attended?

We understand you may have both Military and First Responder experience, if this is the case then please select the option "Military Member" and after that let us know about your first responder. experience. 

If you have never served in the military but have served as a First Responder then select "First Responder".

If you have never served in the Military or as a First Responder, select Civilian.

You have chosen to apply as a Current or Former member of the Military.  We understand that many members of the Armed Forces are or were also First Responders and that your experiences as such, may have contributed to your PTS.

Please answer the next few questions pertaining to your affiliation with the types of service you have participated in. 

You have chosen to apply as a Current or Former First Responder.  We understand that many First Responders are or were in the Military and that your experiences as such, may have contributed to your PTS.

Please answer the next few questions pertaining to your affiliation as a First Responder. 

These questions are for Military (and) First Responders who may have or are still serving in the Military.

If you are a First Responder or a Civilian with no military experience,  select No.

EXAMPLE: Kosovo, Granada, Panama, Somalia, etc...

EXAMPLE: Cold War Era only.

This question applies to Military, First Responders, and Civilians.

First Responders, please spell out the full name of your agency.  EXAMPLE:  New York City Police Department.  Civilians with no Military or First Responder experience, indicate where you work.

Substances and Prescription Medication

Do you regularly drink alcohol, use marijuana or any other illicit drug (or) abuse prescription medications?  If any of these apply, select "Yes".

Answering "Yes" or "Sometimes" DOES NOT automatically disqualify you from attending SAW.

Please elaborate on what substance(s) you are leaning on, how much, and how often.  Answering this question DOES NOT automatically disqualify you from attending SAW.

Yes, this space will accept a long answer and the space below will expand as you type.


Does it apply to you?

You're on the home stretch. Remember this about these next few questions - You're not alone.