2021 Fellowship Registration Form

Welcome to Teach For Pakistan's 2021 Fellowship Application!
Thank you for your interest in joining the movement. We can't wait to get to know you better through the information and insights you provide us in the pages that will follow. The Teach For Pakistan Fellowship application process can be quite competitive and to give you the best possible chance to succeed, we're sharing a few instructions below, and will continue to provide more guidelines along the way. Please read through these carefully before moving forward. 

There are two parts to the Teach For Pakistan Fellowship Application. 

Part 1:  Registration Form 
The Registration form will appear as soon as you click "I understand, let's go!" below. You must Register before you start the full Application. The Registration form asks for your basic biographical information that allows our data system to remember you the next time you log in. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete. Please fill in all relevant fields and hit "Submit" before you leave the form, otherwise, your information will not be saved. After you submit the Registration form you will be taken to Part 2: The Application form. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must save the application form at this stage. You can then choose to continue filling the form or save it to complete later. However, if you do not save the form, you will be unable to return to it. 

Part 2:  Complete Your Full Application 
The Application form will appear after you complete registration. This form can be Saved and Resumed over multiple sessions. Just remember to hit "Save" at the top right corner of your screen once you start, and before you close the form each time you make new progress. 

The Application asks for your biographical, educational, co-curricular, volunteer and work history. With the exception of an updated resume, no supporting documents are required at this stage of the selection process.

Because we want to get to know you and not just your key statistics, we also ask you to respond to two essay questions that will help us understand your motivations for joining Teach For Pakistan and the strength you will bring to our movement. 

Finally, we're requesting two references who can tell us more about what it is like to know you as a student or a colleague. These references can be academic or professional. You are required to provide the names, designations and contact details of these references and Teach For Pakistan will reach out to them directly on your behalf. Please note that providing personal references (family members, relatives, friends etc.) will render your application ineligible.

A strong application will require time, effort and thoughtfulness. We recommend you plan in advance and dedicate appropriate time to submit a strong application. We suggest you review and get comfortable with the full application before you start, and pay special attention to the Application Tips. And just like we're getting to know you, we strongly recommend you get to know Teach For Pakistan: visit our website, our YouTube channel and our Facebook page to learn more.

Questions or problems? Write to us at recruitment@iteachforpakistan.org and a member of our team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

Remember, the upcoming deadline to submit a completed application is 11:59pm (Pakistan Standard Time) on May 2nd, 2021. 

We know that applying to Teach For Pakistan represents your commitment to our country and our collective future. We wish you all the best in this process and look forward to paving the path to that future, together.

Basic Information
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Choose 'Other' if you don't see your university in the list
Note: "Outstation" refers to those applicants whose permanent residence is outside of Islamabad and Rawalpindi AND who will be relocating to Islamabad specifically for the Fellowship
Please Note: When you press SUBMIT, you will be taken to the detailed APPLICATION form. Please DO NOT close the window. SAVE the application form before closing the window in order to resume it later. If you do not save the application form, you will be UNABLE to resume it later.