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Apply Now for a Baltimore Weaver Award

We’re excited for you to apply for a Baltimore Weaver Award! We’ve kept the application pretty simple. You will be able to save the form and return to complete it later by creating a password. Should you have any problems or questions, send an email to weaverawards@aspeninstitute.org and we’ll respond as soon as possible. By submitting this application, we will put you on our mailing list to get updates about the Awards and community events we will be holding this summer and fall.
About Me

Just so you know, we’re asking for this photo as a way to confirm your identity and make sure our final awardees truly represent Baltimore.
About My Weaving
The selection committee will base your application on these two things: The recommendations we receive and the responses to the questions below. Remember, you can save this form and come back to it later. Once it has been submitted, you can no longer make changes. 
Videos are not required but are a great opportunity for us to learn more about you.
About My Community
We believe that Weavers are the most trusted members of their community. That’s why we’re asking you to have at least three people from your community share a recommendation on your behalf. The link to the nomination form is here. We’ll ask them to talk about how you've built trust in your community and used relationships as the vehicle for driving change.  Your recommenders will each need to fill out the form and submit it online. Remember, you’ll need at least three but can certainly send in more. 

Please share below the names of the folks you are asking to recommend you. It’s okay if you ask more people even after you’ve sent in your application. 
I'm Good to Go!
To win an award, there are certain requirements you need to meet. Please take a look at them here. For now, please make sure you can check each of the boxes below. 
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