buildOn In-person Immersion Partner Participant

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buildOn Immersion Participant Information
Basic Information

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On the following page you will complete an E-Signature and Email Verification

Partner Covenant


Please review the details about the immersion purpose, expectations and guidelines. This form also includes a media release, the buildOn Volunteer Code of Conduct and buildOn’s COVID-19 pledge.

After agreeing to this covenant, you will be prompted to sign electronically.


To provide an opportunity for partners to:

  • “Walk in the shoes” of buildOn students.

  • Serve in solidarity with buildOn students and their community.

  • Engage in a genuine cultural exchange as participants seek to understand our students’ lives and the impact they are making in their communities.

  • Broaden perspectives by making genuine connections with buildOn students.

  • Learn how you can support youth in their efforts to effect change.


By signing this covenant, the buildOn Staff trusts that you will meet and surpass the expectations contained within.


  • Attend & actively participate in any pre-immersion orientation calls and review the orientation slide deck

  • Respect, communicate and follow the directions of buildOn Staff.

  • Participate in all aspects of the exchange.

  • Behave in a way that is respectful of different cultures and life experiences at all times. 

  • Support and foster the learning process of the other team members.

  • Agree to fill out a post-survey about their experience within two weeks of program conclusion.


buildOn believes that volunteers play a very important role in our mission.  Your volunteer work assists us with many programs and buildOn relies on your support.  As a volunteer, buildOn expects that you comply with the following Code of Conduct:  

As a volunteer, I will treat everyone with respect, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration.  I will use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with buildOn youth.   I will not take any actions intended to, or which may, frighten or humiliate buildOn youth, including the use of profanity.  

As a volunteer, I will not smoke or use tobacco products in the presence of buildOn youth, nor will I use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time while volunteering.  I will also avoid situations where I am alone with children and/or youth at buildOn activities.  I will never touch a child and/or youth in a sexual or other inappropriate manner.  

I understand and agree that I am providing my services as a volunteer without any expectation of compensation.  I understand that I am under no obligation to continue to provide volunteer service to buildOn.  

I understand that as a volunteer working with children and/or youth, I am subject to a thorough background check including criminal history.  I understand that any action inconsistent with this Code of Conduct or failure to take action mandated by this Code of Conduct may result in my removal as a volunteer with buildOn youth.


I hereby consent to the participation in interviews, the use of quotes, and the taking of photographs, movies or video tapes of the participant named above by buildOn. I also grant the right to edit, use, and reuse said products for non-profit purposes including use in print, on the internet, and all other forms of media. I also hereby release buildOn and its agents and employees from all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with the above.  


COVID-19 Concerns and Pledge

buildOn will implement reasonable measures and safeguards (as recommended by recognized scientific, medical and disease prevention experts on a rolling basis) to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 during any in-person activities. These measures may include a volunteer pre-activity temperature check and health screening questions related to COVID-19.  However, effective mitigation also requires that volunteers act responsibly to protect themselves and others around them. 



I give buildOn my permission and consent to confirm my vaccination status, take my temperature, and ask health screening questions related to COVID-19. 

By signing this form, I acknowledge and give consent for my temperature to be taken by buildOn or its designee, and permit buildOn or its designee to ask other health screening questions related to COVID-19, as well as collect vaccination confirmation.


Disclaimer and Release

I release and hold harmless buildOn, its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns, and the school/board of education (and its members, officers, employees and agents), from any claim or damage relating to my participation in any buildOn activity subject to this permission and consent form. 


I understand and agree:

- buildOn is not responsible for the personal property of volunteers;

- buildOn staff is not certified or trained to give medical treatment


I also understand that my participation in any in-person activity may increase the risk of contracting COVID-19, and I will not hold buildOn or its related parties liable for any resulting illness, injury or further transmission.

I, undersigned, agree to the above-mentioned conditions for participating in buildOn’s Program.