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Chapter Endowment Fund Scholarship Request

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Please be aware that no scholarship can be advertised or applications accepted for without approval of the grant request by the Foundation.
Grant Information
Scholarship Coordinator
Please provide the name and contact information for the Chapter's scholarship coordinator.  This is the person who will be the key contact for the scholarship and serve as administrator of the online application system.
About the Scholarship
Is this an Internal (membership required) or External (membership not required) Scholarship?
If multiple awards, please list the values of each award separated by commas.
This is the grand total of all scholarships to be awarded.
Scholarship Criteria & Selection
Criteria for the award – this should outline how the application will be judged and what factors will be considered i.e. is the award based on academics, grades, community service, etc. or a combination. If a combination is there any priority or weight given to certain pieces. Per IRS guidelines a scholarship may not be awarded simply for chapter service i.e. a member may not get an award because he served as chapter president.
Please provide the names and titles of all members of the selection committee.
Scholarship Application
Please note all CEF External Scholarships will use the Foundation's online grant application software. If you are using funds for an external scholarship you will use the Foundation's standard approved application.
ONLY PDF Files please.