What is KC Grow?

KC Grow is a $75,000 grant program sponsored by the City of Kansas City, MO and administered by Kansas City Community Gardens, with technical assistance from Kansas City Community Gardens and Cultivate Kansas City. This program assists community gardens and farms in Kansas City, MO.


How can KC Grow help my community garden or farm?

As urban gardeners and farmers turn vacant lots and lawns into productive growing space, they often face water accessibility and affordability issues. KC Grow can help resolve these issues in your garden or farm by:

o   assessing the amount of water needed to sustain your garden or farm

o   evaluating water access options

o   connecting you to resources that will best meet your garden or farm’s water needs

o   providing small grants to help you implement the recommended water access strategies


How do I participate?

1.     Fill out the “Request more Information” form below.

2.     Our team will contact you to discuss your water needs and schedule a water audit. A water audit is a process that analyzes your farm or garden’s water use, plot size and the area’s average annual rainfall.

3.     Your completed water audit will recommend ways you can increase water access and affordability for your garden or farm. It also provides best water practices and sources; soil improvement and conservation recommendations; best mulching practices; and water budget estimations.

4.     You can apply for a KC Grow Small Grant to help increase your water access. Please note: a water audit is required to apply for a grant.

5.     Our team can help you implement your water access plan.



KC Grow Small Grants help gardeners and farmers implement their water audit recommendations. You may request a KC Grow Small Grant application after you complete a water audit.


The grants fund the following:

o   rainwater and storm water catchment systems

o   municipal water line tap and hydrant installation

o   spigot meter and PVC connection

o   water pumping systems

o   drip irrigation systems


Other water access projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis if they are recommended on the water audit. 

Important details: 

  • Grant funds can be requested to cover 90 percent of your project. 
  • You must demonstrate the ability to pay the remaining percentage of your project cost. 
  • To be eligible for the grant, your garden/farm must be in good standing with your KC Water bill for at least one year prior to your grant application
  • Applicants need to be either a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status or a farm business. If your group does not have 501(c)(3) status, you would need a sponsor organization. Contact for more details.
  • Refer to the Grant Review Rubric to ensure you qualify and your application is complete.

When are applications due? 

The Small Grants Review Committee will review requests two times per year and award as scheduled:

Deadline for Application 

Grants Awarded

February 2nd, 2024


February 20th, 2024


What will KC Grow Small Grants not fund?

o   Home gardeners and gardeners not part of a community garden or farm

o   Non-edible gardens, as grants are intended for growing food

o   A garden or farm’s water bill

o   Garden and farm projects not included in the water audit recommendations

o   Garden landscaping projects

o   Any projects outside of KCMO city limits

Get Started Today!

When you are ready to schedule a water audit, return to this page to fill out a water audit request form. If you have any further questions about this program contact

Does your project have a KCCG ID? If you are an active community partner garden, schoolyard garden, or giving grove your group should have a KCCD ID (Example: kccg123456) You can typically find this number within your membership confirmation email. If you can't locate your KCCG ID please email us and we can get that information for you:
Your membership ID# can be found in your membership app confirmation email. If you are having trouble finding your ID# call us (816) 931-3877.


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