PelotonU - Director of Partnerships & Sales

PelotonU wants to hire a Director of Partnerships & Sales

About Us:

PelotonU is an innovative non-profit focused on college graduation for working adults, a national problem facing one in five Americans.  Today, the very students who would benefit most from a college degree have the hardest time graduating. When life is full with work and family students have a 16% chance of graduating from college. For these same students, we built a path that offers them an 70% chance of graduating. 

We’ve learned how to serve these students, but they’re tough to find. While over 36 million Americans have started college and haven’t graduated, they aren’t necessarily looking to go back. So far, only referrals from trusted employers and nonprofits have convinced potential students that it’s not too late and PelotonU can help them reach their academic goals.

In our early years we focused on training other nonprofits to launch our model, with a dozen organizations now serving nearly 4,000 students. Now we’re shifting to growing ourselves, and it’s a skill we haven’t yet mastered. That’s where you come in - we’re looking for someone who knows business development, partnership management, and funnel conversion. You’ll lead a dedicated team of four and work together on ensuring more students know it’s not too late for their degree.

About You: 

You are a leader with partnership expertise who excels when given full autonomy and a complex challenge to solve. Given the right puzzle, you think about it in the shower and in traffic - in fact, while you read this, you’re already thinking about new strategies PelotonU could pursue to find and grow new partners this year.

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