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Group Leaders Job Description
Below is a brief description of what is expected of a Group Leader at LTCV.  Please read carefully  and acknowledge that you have read and understand the expectations of you, the group leader, by initialing below.
Thank you for investing in THE Cause. We believe your week at Lead THE Cause Virtual (LTCV) will change you, your group, and your community. In preparation for your week at LTCV, here are some expectations we have for you as a group leader:

1.  LTCV is a time of both training and strategy development. You will be working closely with your group to seek God’s direction (through prayer and other exercises), and develop a strategic plan to impact your community for THE Cause. Most of your time will be spent in large group sessions, small group time with your group, and on various outreach experiences. You (along with your team sponsors) will be responsible to lead your group time and outreach experiences. Instructions will be provided by the LTCV team.

2.  You are responsible for your group (including keeping your group on schedule, maintaining discipline, and dealing with group specific issues as they arise).

Conducts and Releases
Below are listed guidelines and agreements that Dare 2 Share (D2S) will require of each participant of Lead THE Cause Virtual (LTCV). Please carefully read through each section. By signing below, you signify that you are in agreement and will comply to the below.


"Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:5 


At Dare 2 Share our driving principal is:  We strive to do the right thing in the right way for the right reasons as we minister to one another.


While participating in LTCV you will be encouraged to engage with others through the program and your community. Depending on your circumstances this may be in person or digitally. In every engagement, we must be above reproach in our attitudes and actions, at all times, to be sure that we are reflecting the character of Jesus. Our responsibility is to be a positive example to others.


Therefore, no alcohol, chewing tobacco, drugs, inappropriate interactions, bad attitudes, cursing, coarse words, inappropriate entertainment activities, references or attire will be permitted or condoned between participants regardless of platform or location.


D2S programming encourages the use of technology (e.g. cell phones, smart phones, laptops, social media, and other similar communication technology). Technology and social media is a part of our culture in our current day and we believe that is can be used in a Christ-like manner to accelerate the advancement of the Gospel. The program will have key elements where technology will be used in the training. Although D2S is not capable of monitoring all use of technology, we encourage students, parents, and leaders to uphold integrity and a conduct that is appropriate as a follower of Christ in the use of outward communication. Participants agree to comply with the following:

·         I will use my technological medium in a manner that is fitting to the program.

·         My communication using technology and social media will be done with integrity, truth, and in a manner that is appropriate for a Christ follower.

·         I will focus on the training, when required, and set aside my technology and the use of it when not required, so that I can gain as much from the program as I can and be an attentive leader of myself and/or group.


STATEMENT OF FAITH: Participant agrees to uphold and represent the beliefs outlined in D2S Statement of Faith. All parties involved must not communicate regarding the event or to the event attendees in any manner that contradicts D2S Statement of Faith. The D2S Statement of Faith can be found at:


ELECTRONIC AND VIDEO/PHOTO RELEASE: I give D2S permission to use the photos/videos submitted on social media or directly to D2S for any of the following, but not limited to: appearance in a video/digital picture to be used in a multimedia presentation or an Internet web page and/or appearance in a picture/video to be used in a publication or broadcast during the event.


RESTRICTED RIGHTS: Participant agrees that it is prohibited to record, reproduce, or distribute any portion of the broadcast, for any use, internal or external, without express written consent or direction from D2S. Participants may only live stream the event during specified times appropriate to the Participant's time zone. Participant acknowledges that other churches/venues/participants within participants area may or may not be streaming as well.

LIABILITY: Participant acknowledges that D2S will provide video based streaming content and related materials. D2S representatives will not be physically present at the Participant's site. Participant assumes liability for attendees at their location. If applicable, adequate liability insurance and attendee medical waivers are recommended but not provided by D2S.

GENERAL AND COMPLETE RELEASE: I realize that I may incur personal injury or bodily damage while participating in activities and acknowledge that activities could be physical in nature and could potentially include travel not provided by D2S. I hereby assume all risk of personal injury, sickness, death, damage, and expenses as a result of participating in all activities involved therein.

I further agree to hold harmless and indemnify, as well as release, and forever discharge, D2S, its leaders, staff, employees, members, agents, sponsors, partners, board of trustees, and any other parties volunteering on behalf of D2S, for any and all liability, claims, damages, suits, fees, and costs incurred while I am at participating in any activity of this program.

To the best of my knowledge all information provided is correct, accurate, and complete. By entering my name below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to all the above provisions:

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