Indego Champions Program

Make the most of the biking season while staying safe during the pandemic, and there is no better program to help you do it than becoming an Indego Champion. 

Whether you're a beginner or a regular bicyclist, you can become part of this beautiful biking community.

The Indego Champion program is a free series of virtual classes & rides that will help you get the skill, know-how, and experience to bike like a pro, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider. There are two different tiers to choose from.

Tier 1 • Indego30
For beginners who are still learning how to ride.

  Tier 2 • Indego365
For riders who are looking to build their skills and explore more of the city.

Virtual Urban Riding Basics

Virtual Urban Riding Basics

Virtual Learn to Ride Q&A

Changing Gears 

Changing Gears 

Featured Ride

Featured Ride

*Complete 365 Miles or 

Complete Indego Scavenger Hunt

Tier 1

Join other soon-to-be cyclists as part of the Champion program. This program will help you learn the essential abilities and knowledge needed to ride. The curriculum includes:

  1. Urban Riding Basics - learn cyclists' rights and duties needed to ride safely on trails or traffic.

  2. Learn to Ride Class (if needed) - learn the fundamentals of pedaling and balance virtually, 

  3. Changing Gears - a safe discussion space to share and hear ideas about current topics revolving around personal wellness, cycling in Philadelphia, COVID-19, and other general city cycling updates in an open format discussion.

  4. Feature Ride - Put all your work into action and lead your own self-led real-world experience ride with your bike-friendly, beginner-friendly map tours made by us. 

Tier 2


Suppose you already know how to ride a bike and want to gain more experience riding in Philadelphia or looking to explore more of Philadelphia by bike. In that case, you can become a Champions by completing:

  1. Urban Riding Basics Class

  2. Changing Gears 

  3. Feature Ride 

  4. *Complete a total of 365 Miles or Complete the Indego Scavenger Hunt

* To participate in completing the 365 miles or Indego Scavenger Hunt. They must have to show their results.

Participants who want to complete the 365 miles will have to create a Strava account and join the Indego Champions Club, where they record their trip and automatically input it through the app once they use the application for each trip they take.

Participants who want to complete the Indego Scavenger Hunt will ride to select locations around the city, taking a picture of themselves at 15 of the 20 key places to share with the instructor

You will receive class and ride schedules after filling out this form. You can also look in advance at




After completing either the 365-mile ride challenge or collecting the required 15 scavenger hunt photos you will automatically be entered into a raffle for the chance to win a FREE annual pass from Indego! 

  1. An exclusive t-shirt

  2. One free membership to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

  3. A commemorative certificate 

  4. If you completed the required miles or collected the required 15 Indego Scavenger Hunt Items, you could enter a raffle to obtain an Indego 365.

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