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Our Grants Programme for Individuals is open.

We would strongly recommend saving your work regularly. If you need to save your work and return to it, please click on link in top right hand corner

Before completing this form please read the guidance notes.  Also if you wish to check your financial eligibility, click here.  If you wish to see a pdf preview of this form, click here.

If you require assistance in completing this application form, the Walcot Advice/Support project based at Centre 70 in West Norwood may be able to help you. You will need to register online .  Once you have completed the Centre 70 registration form, please contact the advisor on 07599 710086 or

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If you live outside Lambeth but have been looked after (i.e. in care to) the London Borough of Lambeth for at least one year, you should answer yes. If you live at university but your permanent address is in the London Borough of Lambeth and has been so for at least one year, you should answer yes. All students studying full time degree courses need to show evidence that they have lived in Lambeth for at least one year before the course started

Due to high cost of childcare for under 3s (which a Walcot Foundation grant cannot usually cover), we do not support childcare applications for under 3s.

For university students, we expect you to apply for tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and maintenance grant. For college applicants, we expect you to apply for 24+ advanced learning loan

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above you will not be eligible for a grant from us and should not complete this form


You have entered "No" on one of the eligibility criteria and so are not eligible for a grant.  You may find other grants on

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Only enter this if you have lived at your present address for less than one year

Please just write number - e.g. 9, not "9 years" or "Since 2006"

Please give name of organisation if appropriate.

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Please give details (Name, Age, Relationship to you) 

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Please provide this information about yourself (and if you are living in the family home - the head/s of household).  We know that you and your family will have other expenses in addition to those listed below.  However, these are not included in our financial eligibility calculation, so please do not list them. You must complete this section carefully.  Without these details we cannot work out whether you are financially eligible for a grant and your application will be returned. All income that you enter in this section should match up with the bank statements that you have provided.

Overdrafts, credit card debts, rent arrears, council tax arrears. Please specify in detail - e.g. Rent arrears - £500; Water arrears - £150; Overdraft - £200; Provident - £350


Please enter numbers only (no letters or symbols)


Please enter numbers only (no letters or symbols)

Amount that you pay DIRECTLY

Amount that you pay DIRECTLY

If you have listed childcare costs above, please break them down here (i.e. number of hours/days per week; cost per hour/day - PLEASE NOTE - this is for EXISTING childcare costs that you are CURRENTLY paying for

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25 characters maximum

In a few words (maximum 50 characters), sum up your grant request. For example, "Childcare costs to help attend course" or "Buying tools to help secure apprenticeship"

Give details of how much your childcare will cost. Please be clear if this cost is daily, weekly or monthly. Also give details of the hours of childcare (e.g. full time, Monday mornings etc)

Please explain very specifically WHAT you are applying for with a clear breakdown of costs.

For example, tell us how you will spend the grant e.g. towards course related items, travel, university accommodation fees etc. Please be as specific as you can

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Ideally, this referee should be your current or most recent tutor.

Length of Payee Name should be 18 characters max. Letters/Numbers only - no special characters

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If there are problems with attachments, you can send the documents to Walcot Foundation, 127 Kennington Road, London SE11 6SF or email to  Please note that the maximum size of each file is 5MB.

Please send any hard copies to:

The Grants Team
The Walcot Foundation
127 Kennington Road

SE11 6SF

Please ensure that you include a covering letter so that we can match your documents with this application.

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By clicking SUBMIT below:
  • I certify that the information that I have given in this application is true and complete.  (Please note that a decision will be based on the information given on this form. If a grant is awarded and the information is subsequently found to be incorrect, any grant that had been awarded could be withdrawn and you could be asked to repay any monies already paid.)
  • I understand that the Walcot Foundation may not be able to work with me directly and may ask me to find a recognised referrer to assist in taking my application forward.
  • If applicable, I confirm I have contacted the Student Finance Officer (or similar) at the institution where I am studying (or plan to study) and have applied for any financial assistance for which I might be eligible
  • I have no objection to the data contained in this application being held by the Walcot Foundation.
  • I agree that information I have given may be discussed with representatives of my college/university/training centre/school (if applicable), my referees and any organisation that suggested I apply.
  • I further agree that in the event of matters arising from information I have provided (e.g. debts, budgeting, immigration status, student loans/grant eligibility and the like), or if the Walcot Foundation believes that I might benefit from advice in these areas, my details may be passed on to the Walcot Advice/Support Worker based at Centre 70 advice centre in West Norwood and who may contact me directly.  I understand that taking up any advice received may be a grant condition.
  • I further agree that if the Walcot Foundation believes I might benefit from careers advice, including the possibility of taking up work experience or voluntary work related to my studies, my details may be passed on to the Walcot careers adviser based at Tomorrow's People in Brixton and who may contact me directly.  I understand that taking up any advice received may be a grant condition.
  • I understand that if I am awarded any goods or services my contact details will be passed on to the relevant suppliers in order for them to contact me.
  • To help the Foundation monitor and evaluate its work, I agree I may be contacted in the future.
  • I agree that any grant awarded will not be used toward purchases already made or debts.
  • If awarded a grant, I agree to provide evidence (normally receipts) of any items purchased (e.g. books, travel passes, kit, supplies).
  • I have read the application's guidelines in full.
The Data Protection Act 1998 requires Walcot Foundation (and Centre 70 who provide advice support for Walcot Foundation applicants and Tomorrow's People who provide employment advice) to obtain your consent to keep and process information about you. Furthermore, most third parties with whom we communicate on your behalf will likewise require consent to disclose personal information to us. We cannot act for you without this consent. To use our service you need to register. Accordingly, it is important that you read this document and sign below to confirm that you have read and understood it.

I confirm that I consent to Walcot Foundation, Centre 70 and Tomorrow's People using my information as set out in this document. I also give my permission to any third party to whom Walcot Foundation, Centre 70 and Tomorrow's People present this authority to disclose my personal information. This authority remains valid unless revoked by Walcot Foundation, Centre 70, Tomorrow's People or myself.

Important Notes - How we use your information

Walcot Foundation and Centre 70 keep personal data relating to you to enable us to progress your case. Information is also kept for statistical monitoring, strategic planning, publicity, fund-raising, and campaigning. Anonymous statistics derived from this information is disclosed to third parties.

Walcot Foundation and Centre 70 undertake to keep your personal data safe using strong passwords and encryption although we sometimes use e-mail in communications on your behalf. We ask that you inform us of any changes to your personal information.

Paper files are destroyed 6 years after they are closed. However, computer held data will be retained indefinitely unless you request it’s destroyed after 6 years. We may levy a charge for recovering closed files.

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