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Please read our Application Guidelines, FAQs and Privacy Policy on our website before completing this form. Remember that each new grant application is treated as a 'stand alone' submission, so it should not be assumed that the Trust has previous knowledge of your charity and its services/projects.

You can scroll through this form to view all sections prior to completing. The form is divided into 6 Sections:
  1. Organisation Details
  2. The Project
  3. Funding and Financial Details
  4. Authorisation
  5. Supporting Documents
  6. Application Submission
You may complete the form in any order, with the exception of Section 6. As you enter details we recommend that you save your form regularly. You can save it at any time by pressing the Save button located at the top and bottom of each page.  Mandatory fields are marked by the asterisk ‘*’.  These must be completed or you will not be able to submit your application.
Section 1: Organisation Details

Enter the first line of the address, e.g. Davidson House

Enter the second line of the address, e.g. 57 Queen Charlotte Street

Enter additional address building/street details (if any)

Please supply Scottish Charity number if a UK-wide charity


This person will be the main contact email address for the application assessment and all grant monitoring communications.


Organisation Overview


Section 2: The Project

Please provide a brief executive summary of the project in no more than 50 words. This will be used in the papers to the Trustees:




Please provide a full description of the project requiring funding in the text box below: what do you want to do, who will be involved, where and when will it take place and how will it be managed?

Additional Project Information

Use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select more than one option

What outcomes will your project deliver? These are differences or changes that the project will make to people's skills, knowledge, feelings or behaviour. Outcomes should be “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound) wherever possible.


How will you measure whether the project is successful? What information or feedback will you collect and how will you record it?
Section 3: Funding and Financial Details

As part of the application procedure you must include a copy of the Project budget or Cost table in the Supporting Documents section at the end of this form.


Please also complete the following questions:

Enter the total cost of the Project including all relevant delivery costs associated with the project/service, e.g. for £10,000 enter 10000

Enter the total amount of the grant you are requesting, e.g. for £4,000 enter 4000


Select the number of years the grant will spread across from the drop-down list


If you are applying for grants from other funding bodies, please list their names, grant amounts due/received and decision date if known/applicable




In Section 5 you will be asked to upload a copy of your most recent annual accounts and annual report – audited or independently examined and signed.


Please also complete the fields below with your current annual figures.  If the accounts date from more than 12 months before the date of application, you are required to submit draft annual accounts in Section 5 and complete the fields below with figures to date.

Enter total income, e.g. for £10,000 enter 10000

Enter the amount, e.g. for £10,000 enter 10000

The Trust defines Statutory Income/ funding as public money distributed by the government, through a variety of routes, usually in the form of grants or contracts. For some charities it may be via the local council or NHS for funding of specific services. Statutory income is usually a set amount each financial year.

Enter the amount, e.g. for £10,000 enter 10000

Section 4: Authorisation

Section 5: Supporting Documents

Please upload the following items relevant to your project. Use the Browse buttons listed below to find the correct documents on your computer. Those marked with an asterisk are mandatory. There is a total upload limit of 20MB


a)   Governing Document (constitution, trust deed or memorandum and articles of association)

b) *Project Budget or Cost Table

c) *Most recent Audited Accounts

d) *Annual Report

e)  Job Description (if grant is to cover a staff post)

      f)   Any other documents

If you wish to change any attached documents after uploading, please click the "Choose file/Browse" button again next to the attachment you wish to change. This will allow you to select a replacement file.

If you have sent a copy of your Governing Document with a previous grant application (in the past five years) and no changes have been made to it, you do not need to submit it again. Please ensure that you have listed the reference number or brief project description of that previous application in Section 1.

Your most recent audited accounts

Add the Job Description if the grant is to cover a Staff post
f) Any other documents

Your grant application will only be processed if all of the relevant documents have been attached.

Please remember not to include personal details - i.e. named individuals - in any of the supporting documents, unless it is a legal requirement to do so (e.g. Trustee names in Accounts), in line with the Trust's Privacy Policy and GDPR regulations.


If you experience any difficulties, please contact the Trust Manager at: marking the subject matter as ‘Supporting documents issue’.

Section 6: Application Submission

Please ensure that you are happy with the contents of this application form. 

You may scroll back through the form without losing any content or attachments.


Once you are entirely satisfied please click the Submit button below. This will open a review page where you will be able to read your entire application and print it out, if required.

You will then need to click on the Confirm button as a final action.

This will generate a response email, confirming the Trust's receipt of your online form and supporting documents.