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Thanks for applying to help on a team. People involved on teams at New Wine events carry considerable responsibility. New Wine needs to ensure that those engaged in ministry are appropriately gifted and experienced, are willing to accept training, and will follow the guidelines set out for this ministry.

NOTE: If you've already registered for the festival you may have already completed a Team Application. If so, go have a cuppa - there's no need to do this again. If you're not sure, contact your zone leader or the New Wine office. 

If you haven't registered for the festival already, you need to do so and can complete this form as part of your registration. Do it all in one and head to the registration now

Give details of any experience you have relevant to the team you're applying for. Include brief details of the groups and activities you belong to in your church.

Referee 1 (Church leader)
If you are the church leader put the name of another church leader you have regular contact with, or put Lydia Read c/- New Wine Office, lydia@newwine.org.nz 

Referee 2 (not a family member)


By submitting this I declare that the information contained in this application is true and correct, that I have read the New Wine NZ Policy Document and agree to abide by its policies, procedures and guidelines.