Palisades Montessori Infant and Toddler Center Application Form

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Welcome to Palisades Montessori's online application form!

Applications are accepted online via our secure application form on a rolling basis. Your child must be three months of age in order to matriculate into the infant and toddler center. You may apply at any time, and we encourage you to apply early. Once you submit an application, your child will be added to our waiting list. There is a non-refundable $100 application fee required upon submission of each application for each new student.

Prospective parents/guardians must attend an Open House or schedule a visit in order to be considered for admission. Open House dates are published on our online calendar. If you cannot attend an Open House, please contact us about arranging a time for your visit. If your family is overseas, please inquire about a video conference visit.

Please fill out the application in full, and with care. We look forward to welcoming your family to our community!

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Please tell us a little more about your family and your wishes for your child’s experience in our Center.  As parents, you can provide us with insights about your child and your family that no one else can. Your answers to the questions below will help us to learn about your child and your family more personally!  Please use as much or as little space as you wish.

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Primary Parent/Guardian

Other Parent/Guardian

Please provide the mailing address for all school communications:

Thank You!
A $100.00 application fee is due upon receipt of this application in order for your family to be added to Palisades Montessori's waiting list for admission. Upon submission, you will receive a link to pay this fee. Please check our web site for Open House dates - we look forward to meeting you soon!