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Safe Routes to School Census

This survey is being conducted by the Safe Routes Partnership.  We are a national nonprofit organization that advances safe walking and bicycling to and from schools and works to support healthy communities for everyone.  The purpose of this survey is to identify as many Safe Routes to School programs in the United States (and beyond!) as possible.  By compiling this information, we will develop a better understanding of Safe Routes to School programs, identify areas that need additional support, and provide better resources and information related to Safe Routes to School in the United States. 

Who should fill out a Safe Routes to School Program Census survey form?  We are looking for one entry from each Safe Routes to School program.  What is a Safe Routes to School program?  Any local, regional, or state initiative, by whatever name, that takes action focused on getting more kids walking and biking safely to and from school.  If your initiative runs a walking school bus or provides bike education in schools, you are a Safe Routes to School program!  

If you think you might be a program but you’re not sure… go ahead and fill out the survey.  Note also that we will share aggregated information publicly. We may contact you for additional information or permission to publish your individual program information. 

This survey should take 15 to 20 minutes.

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Q 1 - 5
Safe Routes to School Census

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1. Community Identity

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Q 6 - 12
Safe Routes to School Census

12. Our Safe Routes to School program serves the following number of schools and age ranges:
# of Elementary Schools
 # of Middle/ Junior High Schools
# of High Schools
# of Combined Age Range schools (e.g. K-12, 6-12)
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Q 13 - 19
Safe Routes to School Census

19e. For education in and outside of school, please provide the following:
Number of instructional hours provided per student per year Number of students participating per year  
Bike/pedestrian safety training
Bike/pedestrian skills practice
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Q 20 - 23
Safe Routes to School Census

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Q 24 - 26
Safe Routes to School Census

Please Describe
24a. Please elaborate on your local funding (city/town/county/regional).
General Fund
Local/regional tax
Local bonds
Local fines/fees
Regional agency (e. g. metropolitan planning organization (MPO), congestion management, air quality district, regional planning commission) 
24b. Please elaborate on your state and local grants here.
Health (e.g. CDC or state health department)
Transportation (e.g. TAP funding, state DOT funding, state Safe Route to School funding)
24c. Please elaborate on your school funds.
24d. Please elaborate on your other grants here.
Health foundation
Other nonprofit or foundation
24e. Please elaborate on your donations here.
From businesses
From individuals
24f. Other funding, please describe here.

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Q 27 - 30
Safe Routes to School Census