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Thank you for your interest in joining SELF's Contractor Network! 

With SELF as your financing partner, you will close more, earn more, and keep more. 

We are excited to do business with you!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have current General Liability Insurance.

  • Must have current Workers Compensation Insurance or an Exemption Certificate.

  • Must be able to provide a Copy of a signed W-9

  • If you do not hold a state specialty license, must have a current Occupational License


If you are eligible to apply to become a SELF approved contractor, please proceed with the Contractor Application below.

As the authorized agent for this business, please be prepared to submit required credentials and to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions for the completion of the application.

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Company & Contact Information

Company Information
Contact Information

Contact Information

Service Areas
What counties in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are you readily available to service? Please do not select all.

Hold down the ctrl key to select more than one county.

Company Information Continued

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Please indicate all product(s) that your business is licensed to offer and install.

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Please upload the following attachments.

Contractor's Acknowledgment of the 

Terms and Conditions of Participation in Contractor/Vendor Program

The Terms and Conditions of Participation in Contractor/Vendor Program are also available for review on our website:

When clicking "Submit," you will have a final chance to review your application.