Dear Training Fund Member,


The Training Fund is closed from March 16 - 31st due to COVID-19. During this time we will also be making improvements to our systems that will allow us to better serve members using remote technology. We will be open again on April 1st, 2020. 


During that time we will continue to accept applications for our services, however, they will not begin to be processed until April 1st, 2020. 


Thank you for the work you do on the front lines of this crisis. Please stay safe and we look forward to connecting with you upon our return.



Your SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training Fund

SEIU 1199NW Healthcare Training Fund

Program Guidelines

  1. Only one award per person, per year, will be funded.
  2. Awards may be made up to $1,500 per person, per year, pro-rated based on FTE.
  3. The conference must be for the position/modality in which the member is currently working.
  4. The conference must award CEUs relevant to the member’s Current position.
  5. Members who fail to attend the conference for which the Fund pays any associated costs will have to repay the Training Fund for all costs incurred or remain ineligible for benefits for two years (mirrors consequence for tuition assistance program). Hardship circumstances may be appealed to the executive director who may waive all or part of the repayment requirement at his/her discretion.
  6. Members are encouraged to submit applications throughout the year. Awards will be announced each quarter.
  7. Applications must be submitted prior to conference attendance in order to qualify. Conferences already attended prior to the application being submitted will not be considered.
  8. Awarded funds will be disbursed by reimbursement only.

What is/is not covered?

Eligible costs include: Coach class airfare or other transportation costs (such as mileage) to and from the conference location; reasonable hotel costs for the day(s) of the conference and one day prior depending on travel distance and agenda times; conference registration fees. Reasonable costs of in-state travel qualify unless it is local travel as excluded below. Whether any costs are reasonable is in the sole discretion of the Training Fund, but employees are expected to make cost efficient decisions if options are available regarding necessary travel and hotel rates.

Ineligible costs include: Conference locations outside of the US and Canada. Travel costs incurred at the conference or program location (for example, taxi from airport to hotel), local travel to or within the location, cost of all meals, food and drink, and any other incidentals. Flights to destinations other than conference location. In addition, the benefit does not cover any travel upgrades or optional or supplemental travel fees (such as checked baggage).

Note! You must submit back-up documentation showing conference details, estimated travel costs and hotel costs to complete your application. Click here for more details.

Under penalty of perjury, I state that the information provided is correct. By signing this form, I approve the Training Fund to issue funding on my behalf.

Note! Only Pro/Tech Bargaining unit members at the above employers qualify for this program!

Conference Information

Conferences must award CEU's relevant to your current position in order to be considered for approval. You must submit documentation showing that the conference does award CEU's.

Your Manager's Approval is Required in order to process your request. Once we receive your request your manager will be sent an approval document.

Required Back-Up Documentation:

Certification or Recertification by exam:

All applicants must show proof of payment & cost and proof of completion for reimbursement.

Proof of Payment & Cost:
Plase submit a valid Invoice Receipt from the organization you applied for your certification through. The Invoice will show the Organizations name, Your name, the Date of Payment, The total amount paid (including fees) and a detailed desription of what you paid for.

Proof of Completion:
Your benefit pays for your exam costs regardless of Pass/Fail outcomes. You must submit a document showing that you completed the exam. This must show the name of the sponsering organiztion, as well as your name, and the name of the certification.

Recertification by any means other than exam:
Must submit documents showing proof of payment and evidence of recertification in your name. Your proof of payment must include your name, the name of the sponsoring organization that was paid, the amount paid, and the date paid.

You may submit your application and attach back-up documentation to this application. 

Or, you can submit backup documentation by one of the following methods: 

Scan and email to

Fax to the Training Fund office at (425) 255-0347

Mail to:
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training Fund
15 S Grady Way, Suite 321
Renton, WA 98057

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