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FY 2024/2025


Please make sure the dates you select fall within the Timesheet Period.

For example: The "Timesheet Period" might be 8/15/22 - 8/21/22 for those submitting weekly timesheets. All of the "Dates Worked" selected must fall within 8/15/22 and 8/21/22. 

If you need to submit "Dates Worked" that do not fall within the "Timesheet Period", you must either change the "Timesheet Period" to the pay period for which you need to submit "Date Worked" or you must submit a separate time sheet for each pay period - it is not currently possible to merge multiple "Dates Worked" from different "Timesheet Periods" into one time sheet.

To submit multiple time sheets, you can choose to complete multiple blank forms instead of using a pre-filled form:

Please delete all empty Time Entry sections before submitting your time sheet.

Time Entry

ie. 9:00am

ie. 3:00pm

When you have finished updating your work hours for the entire pay period, please click "Submit."

You will be asked to complete an E-Signature on the following page.
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