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iFoster Phones for Foster Youth - UPGRADE TO PERMANENCY!
The iFoster Phones for Foster Youth program is now a permanent benefit for every CA foster youth age 13 to 26. A first step to permanency is upgrading the program to T-Mobile's 5G network and a better service plan - unlimited voice, text and high speed data with 10GB of hotspot capability. All foster youth with an iFoster phone will be moved to 5G by November, 2021 and the old network will be turned off! 

Chafee Pandemic Relief
iFoster is working with CA Dept of Social Services (CDSS) to help ensure that all eligible CA foster youth receive their Chafee pandemic relief funds. If you have applied and have not received your funds or there are issues with what you have received, please complete the Chafee Issue section and we will follow-up with CDSS to resolve.


Shipping Address: Please provide a safe location for us to ship your phone and/or gift cards to where someone you trust will be there to receive it. We can ship to your house or the house or office of a supportive adult. For privacy purposes, we will need a Nickname (if shipping to you) or the name of your Caregiver or Supportive Adult to put on the shipping label.

Chafee Pandemic Relief CASH CARD Issues

If you haven't yet received your funds or if you are having any issues (i.e. card arrived with no money on it, can't use card to paying rent) please provide us with this additional information and we will follow-up with CDSS.

Thank you! Your application will be processed immediately!! You will receive an email with either your shipping tracking if you are applying for a phone and/or confirmation your Chafee issue has been submitted to CDSS.

UPGRADING YOUR IFOSTER PHONE - You will get a brand new 5G capable smartphone shipped within 1 week of submission of this request form to your shipping address (provided your address is correct). We will port your account automatically in the middle of the night from your current phone to your new phone so you will have no downtime. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A WORKING PHONE. Instructions will be provided when we ship your phone on how we will port and how you can transfer anything you have saved on your old phone to your new phone. Your old phone will no longer have cellular service but will be able to work with WiFi. You can keep your old phone or give it to a friend or family member - just remember to remove your personal information first!

Questions?? - call, email or text us and one of our team members will be in touch asap: 
Phone or Text 213-320-1242
General Phone: 
Email support@ifoster.org