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The Charity has a responsibility to monitor the progress and outcomes of its grant making activities and requires grantees to submit progress updates and reports as part of the Terms and Conditions of Award. We do this for 

1.    Accountability: To keep a record of how the money was spent and report back to stakeholders.

2.    Outcomes and Impact: To understand what projects achieve, who has benefitted and how.

3.    Learning: To gather information that will help us and grantees better manage limited resources in the future. 

We undertake, however, to work with grantees to make sure that reporting requirements are proportionate whilst meeting the needs of the Charity, the Trust and external funders. We also highlight that in most cases baseline data and outcome measures will have been outlined as part of the grant application.


You should refer to your original application form and the objectives and intended outcomes outlined in it. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any support to complete this form. 

Please note that an interim report does not need to be completed in as much detail as the final report but you must tell us about progress towards the intended objectives, the timelines of the project and about data being collected to measure and report on the project outcomes.

Expenditure statement: Please include a financial account setting out the actual expenditure of the Grant against the budget set out in the application.

Submission: All questions with a red Asterisk * are mandatory. You will be asked to review your application prior to submission.

Help and Support: Please contact with any questions.

Please ensure that all patient data is anonymised for GDPR purposes.

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Grant Holder Details

Please enter your grant reference below. This can be found on your grant agreement letter.

Assessment of Progress

If you have agreed an impact framework with the Charity please attach in support of this question.

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Description of Activities, Outputs, Outcomes and Impact

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Lessons Learned, Wider Impact and Plans for Sustainability

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Final Statement of Expenditure

Case Studies and Communications

IMPORTANT: In the next screen you will be able to save a PDF copy of your application by clicking Print this page and from the Destination drop down select Save as PDF.